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Obihiro Heigen Festival
In the midsummer, there is an air of excitement in downtown Obihiro. There is a dance performance called Yumefuruya (a night of falling dreams), the sound of thumping drumbeats, as well as the Bon dance. These are all summer traditions in Obihiro.
Period:August 14-16

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Obihiro Chrysanthemum Festival
4000 kinds of chrysanthemum flowers add color to the late autumn season at this event.
At this festival, you can admire the vast array of beautiful colors and scents, whilst enjoying delicious festival food.
Period:Late October to early November
Location:Obihiro Central Park

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Obihiro Ice Festival
This festival boasts beautiful snow statues and shining ice sculptures. The statues and sculptures are lit up at night creating a fantastically beautiful sight. Rare winter firework displays in the night sky also grace the festival.
Period:Late January
Location: Midorigaoka Park, Obihiro

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Iwanai Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival
At this festival, you can enjoy some food fresh from the autumn harvest, while watching a stage performance under the brilliant autumn leaves.
Period:early October

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Obihiro Hirokoji Tanabata Festival
The large Tanabata decorations of this festival color Obihiro in vivid summer colors.
Period:August 4-7

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Kofuku Station Happy Ceremony
At the old Kofuku Station (kofuku means “happiness” in Japanese), you can take beautiful wedding pictures and make beautiful memories of your trip to Obihiro.
Period:early May to Late September